We have been able to commence sleeper replacement in earnest due to the generous contributions of a Mr Don Walker who served Herberton shire council for 28 years as well as being the owner and manager of  tin mining and timber industries in the area.

To date,  the track has been upgraded to allow a passenger carrying service to run every Sunday between Herberton Station and Historic Village Herberton .

Track upgrading is now completed another 500 m past the village heading towards Carrington Falls.

Restoration of Peckett 1069 Steam Locomotive is progressing.

The drive wheels and sand boxes have been repainted. We expect to reassemble the drive wheels to the chassis in the next few weeks.

Diesel Electric Locomotive 1181

The first priority was to strip the paint, repair the rust and then apply a finishing coat of paint to the original QR colours.

Full restoration  is currently expected to take many years.

Passenger carriages  BL 759 and BL769

Restoration has commenced on one carriage to increase our passenger capacity.

Sleeping Car Carriage No 1482 has been donated as part of the QR150 Project celebrating 150 years of rail in Queensland.

We are working to have this as a static display with access to the public.

Current Restoration Projects