Museum and Exhibits

The Herberton Railway Museum

The Railway Station was constructed in 1937 to replace the original one built 1910 and is the first of its kind to be built by Queensland Rail, being all precast concrete construction prepared in the Brisbane workshops and delivered to Herberton on flat top wagons.

All of the timber doors and windows were made at the Mareeba workshops and also transported to Herberton by rail for erection. These windows are held together by timber wedges and dowels with very few nails used.

Sleeping Car Carriage No 1482 has been donated as part of the QR150 Project celebrating 150 years of rail in Queensland.

We are working to have this as a static display with access to the public.

Two Peckett steam locomotives

Peckett steam locomotive 1069 arrived 7th April 2015. This steam locomotive was built for Mt Morgan Mines and Numbered No. 4 before becoming Mt Isa Mines Co Ltd No. 1.

It was sold to a private collector in South-East Queensland from where it was acquired by Athrail and is currently being fully restored  for the Atherton to Herberton run.


The second Peckett steam locomotive 1174 arrived 18th May 2015, this was originally Mt Morgan Mines No. 5

Diesel Electric Locomotive 1181

This was the last of 12 of the 1170 series made by Walkers Limited Maryborough  with serial No. 69 and put into service by Queensland Rail on 25th May 1958.

They were popularly known as 'Paw Paws' after a racehorse and  spent most of their working lives based at Townsville.

The 1181 with serial No. 69 was later sold to Sunnymount Mines at Lappa. After the mine shut down it was auctioned off and purchased by a Mareeba scrap dealer. It was then used by a tourist railway organisation and was one of the last trains to use the Forsayth line. It finished up in Atherton from where after some years it was towed to Herberton where it is to be restored.

Passenger carriages  BL 759 and BL769  are 2:nd Class Sitting Cars with corridor and Lavatory.  Seating capacity 30 passengers.

BL 759 is currently undergoing restoration and will be used  on the Atherton to Herberton run.

Vernier man car 111

These machines were built by Vernier Engineering, NSW .

This particular machine was built for BHP Coal Eloura Colliery Dapto.

The year of manufacture is unknown.  Many were built for the underground coal industry.

This car is now used to transport work crews to different parts along the track for maintenance & upgrading works

The locomotive storage shed materials were kindly donated by the Jerry Culloty family & built by AHHR members. Jerry Culloty was a local sleeper cutter & the shed has been named in his honour & was officially opened on 23rd May 2015 by members of his family. The shed to the left of the picture is the Herberton Railway Museum Workshop which was also built by AHHR members & financed by the Queensland Government.